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My name is Paul Bowers.  This web site is being designed as a way, for you, to see the way I view  the world around me.

At first glance you would think I am only into sports...that would be a wrong conclusion.  You see, this is summer, and it's time for baseball.  I am able to attend a lot of the Mobile BayBears games and love photographing the team every chance I get.

As I continue to populate this site, you will see my other photographs.  From landscapes, portraits, motorcycles, headshots and everything in between.  I am still trying to find my niche...so, come along on my journey.

I am not a professional photographer in the sense  I make money from my photography.  In fact, I do not have an income from this hobby.  And, although I am not by definition a "professional", I do believe I produce professional quality work.  

In fact, I have been published in a nationally published motorcycle magazine this year and was honored to have a photo used as the cover for the 2014 Louisville Convention and Visitor's Bureau, Louisville, KY.  The photo marks the 100th Birthday of the Belle of Louisville.   

So, all of the photos I make are for me.  At times, I will print a copy of a photo and give as a gift.  Other times, by request, I will send photos to people to have them print as they wish.

My goal...well, it is to have one of my baseball photos used in Sports Illustrated.  I am not asking for a cover...but just one of my photos to be used in a story.  I know that is a tall order especially with the overwhelming talent they have on staff and at their disposal, but it is something I am working toward.

As a note, all of my photos are copyrighted and the unauthorized use of any photo or part of any photo is strictly prohibited by law.  And if you are from Sports Illustrated...call, and we'll talk.